How to Help Children Adjust to the Impact of Divorce
February 10, 2022
How to Help Children Adjust to the Impact of Divorce

If spouses decide to get divorced, there are likely a number of worries on each of their minds. For couples with children, many of these can relate to their role as parents.

Thoughts such as how the new living situation will take shape and what the parenting time and decision-making responsibilities (access and custody) will look like are added to the general concern of the divorce’s effects on their children.

When it comes to the psychology of kids, divorce can be a lasting source of stress, but some will have an easier time moving forward with the presence of certain steps taken by parents.

Managing the psychological impacts of divorce on children:

Emotional States and Divorce

While the entire family is affected emotionally, for younger children, there’s often a struggle to understand the scenario of going between two homes. If a child is in grade school, they may believe and worry that the divorce was caused by something they did wrong. Teenagers, on the other hand, might hold anger from the divorce and the change that stems from it. It’s important to keep in mind that every situation is unique in terms of the feelings that children can experience during such a time.

Divorce and Assisting Kids with their Adjustment

Supportive parenting strategies can play a significant role as children adjust to the changes that divorce brings. Both minor tension and intense conflict between parents have an influence on a child’s stress levels, and the ability to co-parent peacefully, with positive communication and parental warmth, is crucial. Inappropriate actions include asking kids to choose who they prefer or to pass on a message between ex-spouses. To better strengthen a healthy parent-child relationship, using age-appropriate rules and consistent discipline when necessary, as well as teaching them long-term coping strategies like problem-solving and cognitive restructuring skills, are a notable part of this while dealing with the aftermath of a divorce. Children feeling loved, safe, and secure can also be supported by parents monitoring their own well-being and opting for educational resources or professional help if needed.

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