Harvard Law School Has Appointed Canadian Supreme Court Justice Rosalie Abella as Pisar Visiting Professor

On April 7, 2021, Justice Abella was appointed as Hardvard's Pisar Visiting Professor effective July 1, 2022. Justice Abella will serve an initial three year term that will run until 2025. She is the first Canadian jurist to be appointed to a Chair at Hardvard Law School. Justice Abella will retire from the Supreme Court of Canada this year. She has been the longest serving judge in Canadian history. After her appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada in 2004 she has been world renowned for her contributions in the areas of constitutional law, human rights, international law, family law, labour law and many more. To learn more read full article from Harvard Law Today.

New Scholarship for Indigenous law students now available at the University of Windsor

This fall, the Faculty of Law at the University of Windsor has started a new scholarship for Indigenous law students in memory of alumnus Fred Bartley. Mr. Bartley died last September. He is well known for establishing the Gladue courts in Toronto, which are special courts for people charged with a crime and who self-identify as Indigenous, Métis, First Nations, or Inuit.

A Judge in BC ruled that a Third Person can be added to a Child's Birth Certificate

In a decision released on April 23, 2021, a judge allowed a second mother to be added to a child's birth certificate. The father and the two mothers are in a polyamorous relationship. The child was conceived naturally with one of the mothers. The judge indicated that it is in the best interests of the child to have all of his parents legally recognized. As the modern family continues to take on many different forms, courts across Canada have tried to adapt. In 2007, the Ontario Court of Appeal favoured a same sex female couple who wanted both of their names listed as mothers alongside the name of the man who helped them start a family.

Ontario Strengthens Security at 25 Adult Correctional Facilities

The Ontario government is implementing the use of specialized devices at 25 adult correctional facilities across the province to detect and locate contraband cell phones. Cell phones are prohibited because of a growing concern that that they can be used by inmates for criminal activities, to intimidate witnesses or share security details from within an institution.

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